3 Easy Ways To Pick a Beard Oil

Updated: Jun 2

Let's face it, in the beard oil industry there are thousands to choose from. We'll cover 3 ways of how to pick a beard oil

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If you have a beard or growing one out, you will learn how important it is for men to take care of their beard. Beard oil is an essential aspect of beard growing and maintaining a nice healthy beard. Most new beard growers don't know how to pick a beard oil that is best for their beard and experienced beard growers always look for the best beard oil for themselves. There are different kinds of beard oils available in the market, and all of them vary from one another based on their features and characteristics.

Here’s how you can choose the right beard oil for yourself

1. Look at the ingredients

The first thing you should look at when you are looking to buy good beard oil is the ingredients. When it comes to beard oil you want a natural oil with no chemicals. NEVER decide just based on the looks and scent of the oil. Some oils might contain harmful chemicals that can harm your beard. You should avoid them at ALL costs. Use natural plant-based oils. for example, here at BoldBeard we understand the importance of growing and preserving a nice healthy beard and that's why we chose an all-natural organic ingredient which include Jojoba oil, argan oil, black castor oil, sandalwood essential oil, omega 3 and omega 6 oils.

2. Choose the beard oil based on your hair follicle type

The bulk of beard oil is made of a carrier oil. This tip might take some trial and error to get right but it's worth it. No one on the entire planet is the same and we all come in shapes and sizes. Including beards, you could have a naturally straight beard, wavy beard, curly beard. Knowing what carrier oils work best for your hair follicle type helps a lot.

3. Smell it or do research on the scent of the beard oil

We recommend you smell it or research the scent before you buy it. This smell will be there right under your nose literally. You wouldn't buy a bodywash without smelling it first would you? Exactly so be careful while choosing the beard oil. There are some fragrances that are supposed to be "manly" but it misses the target and just isn't pleasant to smell all the time. Go for fragrances that are bearable and pleasant and avoid using the one with a strong smell. If you get nothing else from this article take this one, shop scents with your significant other. They can help you choose the right scent for you and also them because they are the one kissing you after all .

How to pick a beard oil is pretty simple following these rules of thumb. Keep these in mind the next time your looking for a new scent or shopping a new brand. If your just starting your beard journey or well on the way to a yeard welcome to the club and happy growing!

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