Does your beard smell bad sometimes? Here's why

Updated: Mar 29

Pretty often, a fellow beardsman asks us why they have a smelly beard. We’re always happy to reply that, while this problem sucks, it’s very common and very easily solved. Here, we’ll explain why beard stink happens and how simple it is to keep your mane smelling fresh and clean.

But first, whatever you do, don’t shave it off. Never give up on your bearding adventures just because the stinky beard issue raises its ugly head. Help is at hand!

There are a few causes of a smelly beard. Let's dive into a few reasons why and how to prevent them in the future.


Where there are hair follicles, sebum oil is being produced. Got a naturally oily complexion That is from excess sebum production. That sebum oil also conditions beard hairs. But if it’s not cleaned away properly and allowed to build up and combine with bacteria and food, then a smelly beard is inevitable along with ingrown hairs, pimples etc. What you can do to prevent that is properly was your beard 1-3 times a week with a natural ingredient beard wash. Something made with the ideal combo of natural aloe vera and premium grade essential oils, it will keep your beard spotless and hydrated all day long. A regular hair shampoo will rob your beard of its essential natural oils that it needs to be fresh, soft and shiny. Plus, it can make your beard smell odd. You need a beard wash gentle enough to use on beards, but smart enough to remove dirt.


Some environmental factors can get into your facial hair like smoking, vaping, pollution, BBQ smells, dust, chemicals, campfires (don't smell that bad actually. It really just depends on what you do for a living. A Constuction worker will naturally have a smellier beard then someone who works a desk job, trust me I've done both. Now we've already discussed using a quality beard wash and in addition to that what you can do to combat the environments around you is wear a quality beard oil. Essential for beard health, skin health, and for tackling smell. Here at BoldBeard we handmake and use natural organic oils in every bottle. For instructions on how to use beard oil you can read here.


Bacteria is natual, there’s no chance of getting rid of them all. Besides, not all of them are nasty. Some bacteria you couldn’t exist without. If you touch something containing bacteria and then touch your face, you’ll transfer some. When they’re left to grow and thrive, they’ll combine with sweat and oil and other general grime to make an unpleasant smell. Try not to touch your face too much. Combine bacteria with sweat that travels from your head to your beard and eventually it'll get smelly. A way to prevent more bacteria build up in your beard in addition to the first two tips is to be mindful of when you know your going to sweat. If you know your going to be working out and sweat like an animal, grab a towel between sets and wipe down your forehead. It will prevent the majority of sweat from getting caught up in your beard. If you work manual labor wear a hat or bandana, something that will catch sweat before it runs down your face. apply these helpful tips moving forward and we wish you the best on the beard journey! Be bolder, Be Badder, Be Braver

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