5 Common mistakes that could be destroying your beard

Updated: Jun 2

Pretty often, uncaringly or unknowingly we all make some of these 5 beard mistakes. Growing a beard and deciding to grow a nice healthy beard are two different things. If you've decided to start the journey of growing a beard, try to avoid these 5 mistakes to ensure a nice long bearded life. Lets get it.

1. Pulling your beard

This is a hard habit to break, once I grew my beard to a certain point id play with it all the time. Honestly I still catch myself doing it. In fact I Bet your doing it right now reading this blog. Ha, got em. A lot of guys are caught picking or pulling their beards so don't sweat it. One of the worst habits that can damage your beard is pulling at your beard causing hair to fall out prematurely. Pulling your beard guarantees loss of facial hair, causing unnatural patchiness. You end up pulling hairs out and you begin to lose beard hair at that spot where you always pull. So now that you are aware of this habit, work on making a conscious effort to do it less or not at all. Goodluck!

2. Not using moisturizer

Your beard craves a lot of moisture, especially the skin beneath it. Its only makes sense the longer your beard is the more moisturize it will need. A natural beard oil is most likely the safest bet when it comes to a daily moisturizer. I've explained both the benefits and how to use beard oils in a different blog. Moisturizing your beard is one of the most important things you can do in growing a beard well. Leaving it washed and not hydrating it can lead to skin problems resulting in having to shave and start the journey all over again.

3. Not washing properly or over washing

Yes don't get me wrong you need to wash your beard but over washing is for sure a real thing. You will definitely feel the effects of dried out skin underneath your beard and a very rough brittle beard. Guess what! that's beard damage. Now what I was referring to when it came to not washing properly what I mean is washing with a natural beard wash with no detergents or fake stuff. This is probably the single most common mistake around. People using regular shampoo. stop it! right meow. detergents will dry your beard out super quick. I wear a pretty thick beard and can get a way with washing my BoldBeard twice a week with a natural wash. After that its straight beard oil till the next wash. Don't forget to do it but just don't over do it is all I have to say about that.

4. Careless trimming

Look man, unless you have skills like with the clippers and all that and you want to wear a nice beard then no more doing it yourself. Find a professional, someone that can shape you up take care of your beard for you. That doesn't negate the fact that you still have to have good habits between barber visits. I once brought my 7 inch beard down to a 1 clipper because I kept going back and perfecting the shape I wanted. So this one is pretty simple, to keep a nice healthy beard for a while leave it to a pro unless of course you are one yourself.

5. Beard comparisons

Alright my guys, this is where you need to stop and say f it. If you've never grown a full beard, patchy, not patchy, thick, thin, small, tall, blue or green I dont care. But have always wondered what it would look like then today I'm daring you to find out. Shoot i dare you to grow it out for 180 days none stop not even touching the neckline. One of the worst things you can do is constantly compare your beard to everyone else´s or what everyone else is going to think. Ill tell you what they will think around day 90. "dang this dudes really growing out a beard blah blah". I can scroll Instagram all day and be self conscious about my own beard but here is the thing. Mines mine and no one can take that away from me so there's that in a nutshell.


I hope you found the 5 Common mistakes that could be destroying your beard helpful, by knowing they exist we can start to avoid them. If you make an effort to avoid these common mistakes, I bet your beard will look, feel, and grow better. I've already dared you to grow it out for 180 days. id love to stay connected on the journey with you. Follow us @boldbeardsmen on Instagram and Facebook!

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