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1. LET IT GO aka GROW!!

Its that simple! When people ask me how I grew my beard so well my first response is always "I threw my razor out" I didn't try to trim or shape my beard for 6 months. I let my beard do what It was going to do naturally. Of course I experienced some beard itch but that is what homemade beard oils are for. Do not let self-doubt that you cant grow a BoldBeard stall you out. Do you have a patchy beard? grow it out for 6 months and I bet you those patchy spots will get filled in. Look at growing a beard as an epic journey in self mastery. I always ask myself why have the ability to grow a BoldBeard but never experience its full potential? That is what the journey is all about! The first step is to get started. I'm sure if you are reading this you probably have the first step down. We congratulate you on that. The second step is to see how far you can take your growth or discover what beard style works best for you.


First off we believe cleanliness is Boldness and you cant go wrong with looking, smelling and feeling your best. washing seems simple enough right? I mean when it comes to shampoo for my head hair I want the product that conditions, washes and smells good but for my beard its different, 2 most important issues with washing your beard is to find the correct product to wash it with and how many times per week should you wash it. Look for a beard wash that's natural and doesn't have any detergents in it. Its important you experiment with washing intervals and find your best schedule. I personally wash my beard with a beard wash once a week. Everyone is different here and there is no one size fits all solution for everyone. We recommend starting at 2 times per week and adjust accordingly. For example, if you have a dirtier job where you sweat you may want to up it. Or if you have an office job you could easily go 2-3 times per week. The key is to find how many times a week you can wash your beard with out it feeling dry or too coarse.


I hope this one goes without saying. Beard product usage is a must. Like washing & conditioning, you still have to find your own personal regimen.

BoldBeard Beard oil

Beard Oil is a great starter product. Rather it be 1 time per day or every other day. Beard oil can be used no matter the length or style of your beard. BoldBeard beard oil is all natural and contains 3 different carrier oils in just the right proportions. As for the scent we chose sandalwood, Its a well known scent that's not to overbearing and perfect for everyday use. Beard oil is more liquid compared to butter or balm and its easy to apply and works with almost any beard hair texture. It doesn't have any hold and will not help with styling. However it will help your beard present itself way better than without. Beard oil also conditions your beard and your skin underneath and relieves the itching and dryness that comes along with new beard growth. Beard oils simple and easy to use, here's an article to help you out.


Once you've reached your desired beard length, find a legit barber that knows how to trim and shape beards. Chances are if your barber wears a beard he knows how to cut and shape one. Now if you aren't shaky with trimmers like me and know what you are doing then shape away my guy! Find comb that will not add static to your beard and a comb that doesn't have molding ridges in its construction. Woodend combs are the best options for this. Make sure any comb you use rather it be plastic or wood be constructed out of high quality materials and be smooth to the look and touch. Same thing goes for a brush. Make sure your brush does not contain plastic bristles. Boar hair brushes work best for this in my own experience.

If you've never grown a beard or an experienced beard grower these tips will keep you on the path to sucess, as always. Happy growing!

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